The sad tale of the little Chevy Volt . . .

The 2017 Chevy Volt I bought is no longer on the streets of Madison. . . .

Unfortunately, a young teenager pulled out from a Family Video Store and decided, during rush hour, to cross three lanes of traffic in order to make a northbound turn on Maple Grove Road. They got across two of the lanes but met the little Chevy Volt, in a glancing blow across the front of the car, in the third lane.

They were cited for inattentive driving, found to be liable for the accident by the insurance company and the little Chevy Volt, with over $20,000 of damage was Totaled. The Volt only had 5,500 miles on it!!!

Click video to see what is breaking hearts all over the internet!!!

2017 Chevy Volt 2018 Subaru Outback

The Rise of the Phoenix . . . .

Four weeks after the Volt was totaled, I got a text from Jerry. He had purchasesd the Volt at auction for $18,000 and was wondering if I still had the extra key FOB and the charging unit. He contacted me just in time because I was getting ready to dispose of them.

He was williing to pay for them. I told him he could have them for nothing if he would send me a few shots of the car as it was repaired.

Here they are!!!!

Looks like brand new . . . I jealous!!!!